Aims of Neuroscience area

The DBIneuroscience area will focus on the neural principles underlying brain-brain, brain-environment, and social-brain interactions. Our neuroscience approach leverages the progress in computational methodologies and the development of new technologies in a synergistic manner. Specifically, DBIteams will co-operate to better understand memory formation, and the contribution of interactions between cortical and subcortical brain areas to cognition, with a particular focus on social cognition. We will also apply the increasing insights at the whole brain level and aim to create new technologies that will address unmet medical needs.

These are the research questions driving this research area:

  • How do global brain dynamics during sleep determine memory processes? And how do they relate to dreaming?
  • How do spontaneous activity and environmental factors affect brain development?
  • How can visual perception guide decision-making?
  • How can the brain support active perception and voluntary action?
  • What are the brain circuits of social transmission of emotion?
  • How do emotions propagate in a social group?
  • On what principles can we develop closed-loop brain interfaces for the restoration of vision and action in humans?