Steering committee

Steering Committee is governing body of the DBI2 responsible for scientific direction, coherence and progress of the program.

Dr. Devika Narain

  • Expertise: Computational Neuroscience, Machine Intelligence, Systems Neuroscience
  • Organisation: Erasmus University Medical Center

Prof. Martin Vinck

  • Expertise: Optogenetics, Computational Neuroscience, Systems Neuroscience, Synchronization, Coherence; neural coding, Visual Neuroscience
  • Organisation: Radboud University

Dr. Vasiliki Giagka

  • Expertise: Design and fabrication of active implantable devices; Analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for biomedical applications
  • Organisation: Delft University of Technology

Prof. Wouter Serdijn

  • Expertise: Electric potential, Electrodes, Networks (circuits), Encapsulation, Tissue, DC-DC converters, Acoustic impedance, Chips, Temperature sensors
  • Organisation: Delft University of Technology

Prof. Nick Ramsey

  • Expertise: cognitive neuroimaging, cognitive neuroscience, Brain-Computer Interface
  • Organisation: University Medical Center Utrecht

Prof. Frans van der Helm

  • Expertise: Musculoskeletal, systemsneuromuscular, controlsystem identification
  • Organisation: Delft University of Technology

Prof. Marcel van Gerven

  • Expertise: Machine learning, neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, artificial intelligence
  • Organisation: Radboud University

Prof. Chris De Zeeuw

  • Expertise: Cognitive neuroscience, memory, neurophysiology
  • Organisation: Erasmus University Medical Center

Dr. Valeria Gazzola

  • Expertise: Neural basis of empathy and embodied cognition
  • Organisation: Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

Prof. Francesco Battaglia

  • Expertise: Neural ensemble recordings in freely behaving rodents
  • Organisation: Radboud University

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