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Data Compression versus Signal Fidelity Tradeoff in Wired-OR Analog-to-Digital Compressive Arrays for Neural Recording

Type Journal
Year 2023
Author Arash Akhoundi, Dante Muratore
Link to publication Direct link to the publication
DOI 10.1109/TBCAS.2023.3292058

Future high-density and high channel count neural interfaces that enable simultaneous recording of tens of thousands of neurons will provide a gateway to study, restore and augment neural functions. However, building such technology within the bit-rate limit and power budget of a fully implantable device is challenging. The wired-OR compressive readout architecture addresses the data deluge challenge of a high channel count neural interface using lossy compression at the analog-to-digital interface. In this paper, we assess the suitability of wired-OR for several steps that are important for neuroengineering, including spike detection, spike assignment and waveform estimation.

For various wiring configurations of wired-OR and assumptions about the quality of the underlying signal, we characterize the trade-off between compression ratio and task-specific signal fidelity metrics. Using data from 18 large-scale microelectrode array recordings in macaque retina ex vivo, we find that for an event SNR of 7-10, wired-OR correctly detects and assigns at least 80% of the spikes with at least 50× compression. The wired-OR approach also robustly encodes action potential waveform information, enabling downstream processing such as cell-type classification. Finally, we show that by applying an LZ77-based lossless compressor (gzip) to the output of the wired-OR architecture, 1000× compression can be achieved over the baseline recordings.


Arash Akhoundi, Dante G. Muratore, E.J. Chichilnisky
Analog-to-digital compression, brain-machine interfaces, compression algorithm, neural interfaces, A/D conversion


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